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Parlee Thru-Axles

Parlee Thru-Axles

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Sleek, light and elegant, our new thru-axles look great and maintain perfect alignment for your disc rotors and modern drivetrains. Our thru-axles fit all 12mm thru-axle equipped models, including Altum Disc, Chebacco, Z-Zero Disc/XD and TTiR Disc.

Please note: the RZ7 uses shorter, custom-length axles that are not compatible with the axles needed on other models.


Front - RZ7 only - 12mm x 119.5mm x 1.5 pitch 
Rear -  RZ7 only - 12mm x 162.5mm x 1.5mm pitch
Front - All models (except RZ7), 12mm x 125mm x 1.5mm pitch
Rear -  All models (except RZ7), 12mm x 171mm x 1.5mm pitch

Axles are sold as single units for front or rear use.

Note: using an incorrect length or thread pitch thru-axle can damage your bike and be unsafe. Please see a professional bicycle mechanic if there are any questions. Some pre-2017 models utilize a 15mm DT SWISS thru axle. These axles are not compatible with 15mm forks.

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