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Parlee Carbon Bottle Cage

Parlee Carbon Bottle Cage

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We didn’t invent the carbon bottle cage. We perfected it.

The demands on a carbon cage are more complex than most cyclists imagine. A bottle cage weighs just about an ounce but is routinely asked to carry 30x its weight attached to your bicycle with nothing more than two 5mm screws. Cages must carry a pound or two of liquids securely, in all types of weather conditions and more and more, over the roughest terrain around. A bottle cage also needs to “release” your needed hydration without too much effort and needs to receive your bottles back without visual cues. A cyclist needs to be able to remove and stow their bottle with one hand while speeding down the road, avoiding obstacles, braking, shifting, and maintaining position in a group or navigating what used to be considered terrain suitable only to mountain bikes.

All the while a cage needs to be as light as possible and match the aesthetics of modern performance bicycles.

Our development process was extensive. We 3D printed countless iterations during development, tirelessly shaving grams, and tuning angles to improve bottle retention yet allow easy insertion and removal. Bottle size and shapes have changed in the past decade and our cage reflects a more modern approach that allows for a wide range of bottle brands, shapes, and sizes to be used interchangeably.

Mounting hardware was also taken into consideration in our process. We increased the “pocket” size for the fasteners and tools to be 40% larger than typical to make the cage compatible with our models going back to 2001. Multiple mounting points allow for fine-tuning of the position of each cage on your bike

Our cages are 100% carbon fiber with a matte clear coat over the uni-directional carbon finish. Each cage weighs just 31 grams and includes a limited lifetime warranty.

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