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Chebacco/Chebacco XD/Altum Disc Rear Derailleur Hangers

Chebacco/Chebacco XD/Altum Disc Rear Derailleur Hangers

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These replaceable hangers fit all PARLEE Altum Disc and Chebacco/Chebacco XD frame sets. They are manufactured from black anodized aluminum and are designed to yield in the case of impact, protecting your frame and drivetrain from damage.

We recommend keeping a spare on hand and many of our Chebacco clients are packing one in their saddle bags or toolkits in order to be prepared for back-country adventures.

Please note, there are two versions of this hanger.

A thru-axle version with a separate nut (used 2015-2021) and a thru-axle version that uses an integrated nut (used 2021+). The nut and set screw are included with the 11 speed version.

We recommend the integrated nut (2021+) version for all 12-speed drive trains (i.e. SRAM AXS) and the 11 speed version for 11 speed drive trains like Shimano GRX.

These hangers also fit certain post-mount caliper compatible Z-Zero Disc and XD models produced prior to 2017.

New replacement screws are included.

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