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Computer mount, out-in-front for the RZ7

Computer mount, out-in-front for the RZ7

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Our all-new, out-in-front computer mount for the RZ7 is here!

Designed to be sleeker, more aerodynamic and more adjustable than previous iterations, this forged alloy mount includes a Garmin-compatible head.

Our mount is compatible with the complete family of heads from our friends at Bar Fly. If you are using a Wahoo, Bryton, Lezyneor other computer, you can easily source the needed interface mounts from Bar Fly.

Please note: this mount is only compatible with the RZ7 stem. This mount will not work with other types or brands of stems. Also, this mount is designed for GPS computers up to 125g in the top-facing position only. It is not designed for heavier devices such as GoPro's or lights also mounted underneath the GPS computer.

This kit includes the out-in-front Parlee mount, the Garmin mount, and screws, and the stem interface mounting plate and screw.

Parlee part number - SVC-015

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