Parlee’s unique build-to-order process allows for unlimited customization of the finish on all our models.

From a timeless two color-fade to an airbrushed leopard print to a neon-colorshifting digi-camo showpiece, there is no better art and paint team than the #parleepaintlab.

Since 2008, we've painted thousands of incredible designs and look forward to the next amazing project.

The only limitation is your imagination.

How long does it take?

Custom paint lead times depend on two things; the complexity of the design and the amount of work that is in our queue at any given time.

The range of lead times is generally one month on the short end and four months on the long end.

We tend to be busiest in the spring and summer.

How much does it cost?

Each project is quoted through your dealer for cost and estimated time of completion at the time that the design is confirmed and the order placed with Parlee.

Need inspiration?

We hear this all the time, no worries. You know you want something unique and special, but you are not sure how to describe it. Don't worry, we got you. Take a look at our gallery link below or take a look at our instagram feed for some amazing work.

  • 1: Get in Touch

    Talk to your dealer. They will let us know what model you want to and get the design process started.

  • 2: Get Inspired

    Share with your dealer and our team your inspirations and ideas. We've had clients send us photos, sketches, car colors - we love it all.

  • 3: Work with our Design Team

    All #paintlab designs are one of one and all are designed and painted by our team of artists. We will do all the design work.

  • 4: Review and Approve

    Your dealer will provide you with a photo realistic render and a quote with a lead time to approve - we don't start working until you are 100% thrilled with the design

  • 5: Color Sample Approval

    If needed, for Gold and Platinum level designs only, custom colors samples can be created. This is not mandatory. Our team will suggest it when recommended.

  • 6: Paint Production

    The work begins!! From your approval, the typical lead time is 30 to 90 days. We won't rush the work. Quality before quantity. Patience will pay off!

Paint Tiers



  • 1-3 Silver Level #paintlab Colors
  • Standard Logo Packages
  • Simple Patterns, Such as a Fork or Stay Fill
  • Phone/Zoom design consultation included
  • Custom Colors not available
  • $1,000 - $1,500 (Approximate Cost Range)



  • 2-4 Premium Gold Level #paintlab Colors
  • Kandy, Pearl, Metallic and Colorshift Colors
  • Custom Logo Placements
  • Intricate Color Patterns
  • Custom Colors Available (optional)
  • Custom, Personalized Graphics, Including Names and Logos
  • In-depth phone/Zoom design consultation included
  • $1,500 - $2,500 (Approximate Cost Range)



  • "Sky is the Limit" Artwork and Thematic Designs
  • 4+ Premium #paintlab colors including Kandy, Pearl, Metallic and Colorshift Colors
  • Airbrushed or Custom-printed Decal Elements
  • Custom Logo Placements and Colors
  • Intricate Color and Graphic Patterns
  • Custom, Personalized Graphics, Including Names and Logos
  • Extensive one on one design consultation with our top design and paint staff.
  • $2,500 - $6,500 (Approximate Cost Range)

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