Job: Inventory, Sourcing and Logistics Manager

We are one of the world’s best ultra-premium bicycles brands and are renowned for our exceptional craftsmanship. Our advanced engineering provides the highest level of performance and all-day riding comfort. We love the art and technology of bikes, but most of all we love riding them. We believe that our bikes should be built with pride and a fanatical focus on quality, so that their new owners can experience the true joy of riding something special.

The business is growing, and we’re looking for outstanding people to join our team. We celebrate diversity, uniqueness and a little oddball creativity. We don’t hire a$$holes and we do work hard. We’re dedicated and passionate and we’ve got each other’s back. We get sh*t done!

Think of us as a Dodgeball Team … but with bikes… well not Dodgeball on bikes… I think you get it (although dodgeball on bikes could be fun).

We’re looking for someone with strong planning and analytical skills to handle Inventory, sourcing, and logistics. In this role, you will leverage our inventory and order management software to ensure that we’ve always got the right parts in stock, that we’re picking orders from the warehouse accurately and quickly and that we’re shipping orders around the world efficiently. You’ll be doing this with a hawkish eye on costs and a solid understanding of global sourcing, manufacturer lead times and product life-cycles. It’s a lot to juggle and a lot to stay on top of, but excelling at this function is a critical part of our overall business success.

It would be nice if you loved bikes, but it’s frankly much more important that you love planning, organization and accuracy. You’ll manage a small team and will be expected to lead, guide, mentor, nudge, encourage and support with a positive attitude and a strong desire to help people develop and for the organization to function well. We lead with a smile on our face, an optimistic outlook and with a kind firmness. You should expect the same in return.

We don’t care where you went to school or which chess club you were president of. What we care about is your attitude and your desire to learn and grow. We don’t care where you come from, but we do care about where you’re going. Even if you don’t have experience at all the things listed below, if you feel that you’ve got a valuable set of skills and the right traits, and would be excited to learn and grow into the role, then reach out. We want to hear from you.

Here’s a little detail about the typical things you’d be doing in this role:

● Ensure that we’ve got the items here that we need in the warehouse to fulfill orders, just before we need them
● Work with the sales and products team to develop a joint forecast which then forms the foundation of inventory evaluation and component reordering
● Reviewing minimum re-order quantities in SAP and evaluating the sell-through rates of key components, in order to optimize ordering from domestic and international suppliers.
● Work with your team to ensure that the warehouse organization is optimized to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Our warehouse is small, but it’s the lungs of the business. It needs to work well.
● Develop human processes that take advantage of the capabilities of our warehousing software to ensure that production orders and sales orders are processed quickly and accurately. Accuracy is critical!
● You’ll make sure that your team is receiving new shipments efficiently and getting that new product tracked, sorted, packed and accounted for.
● Optimize freight and shipping processes and liaise regularly with our logistics account team to ensure we’re taking full advantage of their network and costs structure
● Develop relationships with sales and customer service personnel at our key suppliers. You’ll be placing orders with them frequently and you’ll be making sure that we’re getting reasonable pricing and being treated with attention and fairness.
● Work with the product management teams on planning new models and promotions to ensure that we’re ready to handle peaks in demand
● Understand our vendors product lifecycles for the critical components we use, to make sure that we’re reducing our inventory in time with their intentions to update
technology and replace models.
● Provide regular reports to the CEO regarding inventory costs, comparing forecasted shipments against inventory levels, analyzing COGS spend and profit margins, and flagging any current or expected roadblocks.

If you have experience at the majority of these work items and are willing and able to learn the rest, then please send an email with some information about yourself to

We’re based in Beverly, MA and this role would be office based, Monday through Friday. We offer competitive benefits, paid time off and healthcare.
BTW: we don’t actually play Dodgeball!

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