Thank you for choosing Parlee!

Our bicycles must be assembled by trained professional bicycle mechanics and serviced at regular intervals.

Our assembly guides and manuals are available below as PDF files for reference and use by professional mechanics.

If you have any questions about the service, performance or function of your Parlee please contact one of our dealers or phone or email us below.

Please take a moment to register your warranty below.

Manuals and Assembly Guide Downloads

Altum - Electronic

Altum - Mechanical

Altum Disc - Electronic

Altum Disc - Mechanical

Chebacco - Electronic

Chebacco - Mechanical

TTiR (Disc) - Electronic

TTiR (Disc) - Mechanical

Seatpost Assembly and Installation Guide

Limited Warranty

RZ7 Assembly and Cabling Guide - R1.1

Parlee Owners Manual

Parlee Service and Support Parts Guide