Retired Models

About our Retired Model Archive

Our retired model archive pages are presented as a courtesy for reference only. Specifications can and do change. Not all colorway options are visible and many custom colors, builds and specifications have been offered by Parlee and our dealers over the years.

For specific technical questions about your bike, please consult see your local Parlee dealer or reference our tech pages

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Multi-Surface/Gravel Models

Chebacco (2019)

2019 Chebacco

Chebacco LE (2019)

2019 Chebacco LE

Z-Zero XD (2019)

2019 Z-Zero XD

Chebacco 4S (2019)

Chebacco (2018)

Chebacco LE (2018)

Chebacco (2017)

Chebacco 4S (2018)

Z-Zero XD (2018)


RZ7 Factory Edition (2020)

Altum Disc (2021-22)

Altum Disc LE (2021-22)

Altum (2019)

2019 Altum

Altum Disc (2019)

2019 Altum Disc

Altum LE (2019)

2019 Altum LE

Altum Disc LE (2019)

2019 Altum Disc LE

Z-Zero Disc (2019)

Z1/Z2/Z3 (2019)

Altum (2018)

Altum Disc (2018)

Altum LE (2018)

Altum Disc LE (2018)

Z-Zero (2018)

Z-Zero Disc (2018)

Altum (2017)

Altum-Disc (2017)

Altum (2016)

Altum-R (2016)

Altum Disc (2016)

Aero Road

RZ7 Factory Edition (2020)

ESX (2016)

ESX-R (2016)


TTiR (2019)

2019 TTiR

TTiR (2018)

TTiR (2016)